How To Cope With Operation Global Blackout – Or DNS Malfunctions

Well, Anonymous is sabre rattling again, with a threat to shut down dns functions on Saturday, March 31 2012. Who knows how it will turn out? If successful, it would mean that a user would not be able to navigate to a website by typing in the textual address into their web browser (this would also pertain to bookmarks utilizing textual addresses). However, in theory, the user should still be able to navigate to a website by typing in it’s IP address into the browser address bar – provided that the site has a dedicated IP address.

To that end, I’ve compiled a list of some sites I’ve found that have dedicated IPs which I’m able to use to navigate to that site. It may be useful for you to print or otherwise save this list in the event that the threat does pan out. I know it’s a little small, but I only have so much time to research this. Sorry, a lot of alternative news sites do not have dedicated IPs. If anyone has any other address or info compiled on this issue, please leave it in a comment or link it in a comment. Thanks.


Drudge Report:

Prison Planet:

Zero Hedge:

What Really Happened:

Steve Quayle:

Russia Today:

Before It’s News:


ABC News:

CBS News:



Social Stuff

Google:  Note: Youtube also resolves to this IP. I believe you can get to YT with the google toolbar at the top of the page during a DNS failure (as well as other Google stuff – Gmail etc.), however, I won’t be sure of it unless the event does occur.





Godlike Productions:



If you want to try and find some IPs that are important to you, you can use this tool for look-ups. If you are successful in finding any, please do share them here.

My personal feeling is that in the event of a DNS failure, the most important aspect for our community is to be able to access the social stuff so that we may be able to keep each other updated on developments. Keep in mind that you may not be able to use the social sites effectively unless you already have an account there. So, If this does concern you and you wish to use this method, you may want to consider creating your accounts before the event occurs.