Ann Barnhardt at Liberty On The Rocks

Ann Barnhardt at Liberty On The Rocks – Speaks about the fall of America, Islam, Christianity, Corruption, War etc.


S.C. Treasury REPORT: Banking Cartel Has Engaged in Artificial Gold/Siver Price Suppression

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Warren Pollack – Giving Voice to the Silent Majority

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You can also frequently catch Warren on Wide Awake Radio

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In this formal speech, Warren Pollock demands change in America on behalf of the Silent Majority of Americans. Please spread the word and join me in reforming policies of the United States both domestically and abroad. Lets give voice to the Silent Majority now being overrun by pervasive fraud and lawlessness.

Must Listen – Anne Barnhart On People’s Responsibility For Government

I really enjoy listening to this lady. She’s tough, courageous, articulate, and knows what the hell is happening. I’d like to nominate her for the first President of the restored republic – if we ever get there, and she survives her prophecy of her own fate. We should hope to be so lucky.

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Ann and I (Warren Pollock) have a truth-filled discussion about current affairs and future trends. The contract between people and their government has been broken. This means that we have to take responsibility for the current condition as we take action towards change. We are collectively responsible for our governance which we have delegated to an elite band spanning congress and private sector oligarchs. There are 310 million of us vs Under 1000-3000 key oligarchs! By failing to remove our defective government we are giving our tacit agreement to a system that is immoral and working against our survival interests…

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