Ann Barnhardt at Liberty On The Rocks

Ann Barnhardt at Liberty On The Rocks – Speaks about the fall of America, Islam, Christianity, Corruption, War etc.


Warren Pollack – Giving Voice to the Silent Majority

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You can also frequently catch Warren on Wide Awake Radio

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In this formal speech, Warren Pollock demands change in America on behalf of the Silent Majority of Americans. Please spread the word and join me in reforming policies of the United States both domestically and abroad. Lets give voice to the Silent Majority now being overrun by pervasive fraud and lawlessness.

Detroit Fixinig To Be Absorbed By The BORG

You will be assimilated. Centralization of power continues unabated.  RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!

State plan for Detroit finances would shift power |

DETROIT (AP) — State officials aiming to put cash-strapped Detroit on a strict financial diet delivered an ultimatum Tuesday with a plan to shift political power, consolidate public utilities and shrink city staff and salaries.

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