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Groom Of The Stool Obama Pledges Allegiance To The Queen

Nope not a toad stool (though, with all the bizarre goings-on these days, it wouldn’t surprise me if mushrooms could be found somewhere in the Whitehouse). A groom of the stool is a royal butt wiper. No poop. See for yourself.

obama-toilet roll

obama-toilet roll

The appellation “Groom of the Stool”; derived from the item of furniture now known as a commode or portable lavatory[3] (Old English & Norse Stol or Stoll meaning a chair),[4] was in the earliest times a male servant in the household of an English monarch who was in charge of providing at all times adequate and seemly facilities for the monarch’s natural bodily function of excretion or defecation, and indeed assisted in the facilitating of his bodily functions and in his cleansing or washing thereafter.

What’s the connection? Well, citizenship is the chief issue with the so-called birthers – not location of birth. It’s true. Although the lame-stream-media has done a fabulous job finding a few folks who think the issue is that he was born in Kenya, that is not the case overall. The issue is in fact what citizenship little Barry was born under, regardless of where he was born.  It’s widely held that the disclosure of the genuine birth certificate would reveal that Barry’s mother was not old enough at the time of his birth to confer American citizenship to little Lord Barry and he was instead conferred his father’s British citizenship because Kenya was, at the time, a British colony. This would make Barry a dual citizen at best, and therefore ineligible for the office of president.

In any case, that might explain the below pledge. Are some things beginning to make sense now? You decide.