Ann Barnhardt at Liberty On The Rocks

Ann Barnhardt at Liberty On The Rocks – Speaks about the fall of America, Islam, Christianity, Corruption, War etc.


ELECTION FRAUD? Why Did ABC-TV Post Illinois GOP Primary Results 24 Hours Early?

This is a test of the Emergency ROB-cast System. Nothing to see here. Move along or be indefinitely detained.


Warren Pollack – Giving Voice to the Silent Majority

Warren’s Website:

You can also frequently catch Warren on Wide Awake Radio

Video Info:

In this formal speech, Warren Pollock demands change in America on behalf of the Silent Majority of Americans. Please spread the word and join me in reforming policies of the United States both domestically and abroad. Lets give voice to the Silent Majority now being overrun by pervasive fraud and lawlessness.

ALERT! Obama Preparing To Reinstate The Draft – And Other Tyrannical Edicts

Executive Order — National Defense Resources Preparedness

Released Friday, March 16 2012. No time is given, but presumably the customary after-hours-weekend-cover time was used.

This thing needs to be scrutinized and understood by everyone. It’s rather lengthy and as yet hasn’t been thoroughly vetted, but of particular interest is Section 601-2

(2)  upon request by the Director of Selective Service, and in coordination with the Secretary of Defense, assist the Director of Selective Service in development of policies regulating the induction and deferment of persons for duty in the armed services;

Looks like a draft, doesn’t it. Also notice that they are asserting the authority to take over virtually everything in the event of a “national emergency”, including food, water and transportation.

The White House Release Page

A PDF of the above page


Don’t forget, this is from an administration that asserts it needs only international permission to deploy American military as per the below video of Defense Secretary Leon Panetta in senate committee:


Flag Wars – Barack Hussein Obama Vs America

The Hussein Obama regime stoops to using it’s corporate municipal tentacles to begin a domestic flag war. Yep, they want you to remove your American flag and fly the flag of the DICK-TATER.

As was so willingly done at Lake County Florida DemocRATic headquarters.

Hussein Obama-flag

Hussein Obama-flag

Must Listen – Anne Barnhart On People’s Responsibility For Government

I really enjoy listening to this lady. She’s tough, courageous, articulate, and knows what the hell is happening. I’d like to nominate her for the first President of the restored republic – if we ever get there, and she survives her prophecy of her own fate. We should hope to be so lucky.

Video description:

Ann and I (Warren Pollock) have a truth-filled discussion about current affairs and future trends. The contract between people and their government has been broken. This means that we have to take responsibility for the current condition as we take action towards change. We are collectively responsible for our governance which we have delegated to an elite band spanning congress and private sector oligarchs. There are 310 million of us vs Under 1000-3000 key oligarchs! By failing to remove our defective government we are giving our tacit agreement to a system that is immoral and working against our survival interests…

Full description and video page:

Anne’s Blog:

Detroit Fixinig To Be Absorbed By The BORG

You will be assimilated. Centralization of power continues unabated.  RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!

State plan for Detroit finances would shift power |

DETROIT (AP) — State officials aiming to put cash-strapped Detroit on a strict financial diet delivered an ultimatum Tuesday with a plan to shift political power, consolidate public utilities and shrink city staff and salaries.

Read Full Article  State plan for Detroit finances would shift power |

Horrific – Milkman Tortured In L.A. County Jail

Open source, free to copy and distribute. This astonishing interview between James Stewart and Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) from reveals the shocking TORTURE of a 65-year-old “milk man” in California.

Audio Files for this interview – in case video is censored.

128kbps MP3 file (47MB, Hi-Fi, suitable for posting online):

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Original Article at Natural News

Nautural News TV

Shepard Smith – What’s The Difference Between Obama and Assad?

Oh, this is priceless. Is there hope for Shepard after all?  I haven’t watched Faux News for quite a while, but such rants from Smith are entertaining as his programming struggles to resist a little dose of reality.

H.R. 347 – What Is The Real Issue? 2012-0306

What’s the real issue with this bill? Of the rants and lamentations I’ve seen, people seem to think this is new. But it isn’t. However, I think the issue is that they have removed a subsection which makes the law subject to the first amendment. What do you think?

I’m curious, but I’ve yet to find out when the original law was written. If anyone has any insight on that, please point us to that information. Thanks

HR 347 Text on Govtrack

18 USC § 1752 on Cornell Law


Infowars Article…

Break The Matrix Article…